Industrial Power Washing

Stallion power washing has well trained, skilled technicians to handle all your industrial power washing needs. Typically this includes silos, tank farms, rail yards warehouses, manufacturing facilities, conveyor belts and heavy duty machinery. Industrial power washing can be extremely challenging and at Stallion we want to help protect your investment and prolong its safety and performance.

  • Silos and tank farms

    Stallion power washing has extensive experience in cleaning agricultural industry equipment and infrastructure. Keeping a clean silo will eliminate feeding grounds for certain pests. It also prevents the silo from being contaminated or infested. Also if your silo is clogged it may be in need of a pressure wash. Ultimately these issues lose your company time and money. Let stallion power washing and their 100% biodegradable environmentally friendly products keep your investment clean and safe.

  • Warehouse and Manufacturing facilities

    Industrial power washing is an integral part of keeping the industries and equipment clean as well as in good working order. At stallion we use 200 degree water burners, commercial grade surface spinners and rotary turbo nozzles. These coupled with our 100 % biodegradable environmentally friendly cleaning agents allow us to give you a gentler more effective clean for your investment. “We don’t horse around.”

  • Heavy Duty Machinery

    At stallion we have skilled technicians experienced in cleaning heavy duty equipment. Typically this includes but isn’t limited to backhoes, excavators, cranes, bobcats, forklifts, compactors and conveyor belts. Cleaning heavily soiled machinery requires the use of special cleaning methods, hot water burners and high pressure washers. Cleaning your investment can significantly impact its performance and safety.